The Wedding, a wonderful colony of humans.

The other day I had the absolute honour of being the photographer at the wedding of a lovely pair of humans, Mel and Mat. Hiding in plain site behind my view finder, poised in various fixed positions like a tyrannosaur trying to scratch its nose, I carefully watch the day unfold before me.

The world of wedding photography is full of long days, mad dashes, deep breaths, polite commands, dirty knees, back-seat photographers, back ache, dehydration, mad grabs for quick snacks and light wrangling like you would a jumpy deer with a short rope. I’m sure I’ve missed out plenty of issues, there will always be a number of things to contend with that no amount of future tech or military planning can avoid. Yet despite all this, every tiny stumbling block, mistake or missed opportunity realised, capturing a wedding is nothing less than, beautiful.

Those that get the opportunity will get to follow an individual, couple and family though one of the most important and fleeting days of their lives.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Plan all you can.

Talk to the couple, listen to them.

Keep hydrated – avoiding coffee!

Take the time you need.

Have fun!

MrNickHook-Photography-9935 MrNickHook-Photography-0870 MrNickHook-Photography-4158

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